The core of our mission at AskFlossie is to “put single women and moms first, so they can live richer, safer and more empowered lives.” One of the areas where we think about that – deeply – is in how we make money. Purchases through affiliate links are one of the many ways you can support AskFlossie.

We are committed to a policy of full transparency when it comes to affiliate links and advertising. This transparency holds us accountable to our mission and empowers our community.

Transparency prevents us from making money off you without your consent. Women are denied consent in so many areas of our lives, it is a moral obligation for female-led or female-targeted businesses to operate from a consent-based model. That is why it is one of AskFlossie’s company values.

When you click on a link to an external vendor from an AskFlossie page, it may be an affiliate link – meaning we get paid a commission if you purchase a product or service. That commission might be small (45 cents for an ebook at Amazon, for instance) or larger ($50 for a term life insurance policy referral, for instance).

Affiliate links will always be marked. Because consent. If you don’t consent, don’t click it.

We also don’t partner with products or services we wouldn’t recommend to our grandmother, and we err on the side of vanilla and conservative products. As examples:

We do not:

  • Promote universal or whole life insurance. Ever.
  • Promote crypto (Have fun, but don’t bank on it)
  • Promote large banks (Begone, Chase!)
  • Promote financial software with shady user practices (i.e. Robinhood promoting overtrading)

Additionally, many of our links are not affiliates, and we don’t get paid if you click them. If a link is not marked, it is not an affiliate. As such, we:

  • Offer a free option if possible (like Libby/Overdrive for books. Yay Libraries!)
  • Recommend good products even when we don’t get paid (like Geico)
  • Try out products and services before we recommend them (i.e. Etsy spreadsheet templates)
  • And if we can’t try them out, we justify our recommendation so you can evaluate it

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch by emailing us at Thank you for being part of the AskFlossie community!