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We’re here to help women live richer, safer, and more empowered lives

AskFlossie is here to support single moms and unmarried women on their journey of building financial security for themselves and their families


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We’re tired of single women being ignored, misunderstood, and talked to by financial “experts”.

Financial services, traditionally, over-values people who work in corporate finance and under-values people with practical experience. This both excludes women from financial education, but also narrows what gets covered so it’s less relevant to women.


Our plain language, verified content and community platform put single women and moms first, so they can live richer, safer and more empowered lives.

Women have a lot of financial know-how that doesn’t get acknowledged.

Statistically, women live longer. We earn less, are more likely to support dependents, and have less in the bank. On top of that, single women are getting squeezed on all sides: the wage gap, the student debt crisis, less access to retirement funds, and higher living and dependent expenses. It makes it disproportionately harder for single women to save for a secure retirement.

And the threat of a single woman losing her income is real.

Team Flossie believes women are plenty smart enough to build financial security and wealth. We’re here to make it easier.


Meet Claire, a strong believer in women’s financial independence

Claire is a personal finance expert and pro bono financial advisor. After earning her MBA from Stanford, Claire left a 25-year career in business to become a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®). Claire serves as a volunteer tax preparer with the IRS VITA program with an advanced certification and has passed all education and testing for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) accreditation. She is a wife, boymom, intersectional feminist and daughter of a single mom.

Our Inspiration - Flossie Hunsaker

My Grandma Flossie grew up in extreme poverty. In high school, Flossie left home and got by as a waitress, sleeping in the back room of the restaurant. She put herself through college working as a housekeeper and had a long career as a teacher. She raised four daughters with her beloved husband Ray, beat cancer twice, and spent 30 years as a widow and social butterfly. She remains an inspiration to her seven grandchildren, and the many, many friends and family she helped along the way. Flossie might have been born poor, but she died financially secure and personally rich.

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