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One day, my mom asked me to go to her financial planner to talk about retirement. She didn’t actually need my help; she just needed support to feel confident in the conversation. She needed a wingwoman.

There is a huge wealth gap for women – we earn less, we live longer, we are more likely to support dependents, and have less in the bank. But why? In many studies, women outperform men as investors and savers. Personal finance is not rocket science.

Perhaps, you just don’t feel like money talk is for you. Perhaps, it’s intimidating to figure out alone. Perhaps the “experts” are gross. Perhaps, you have a million things to do.

Perhaps, you just need a wingwoman.

Our Values at AskFlossie

Women First

We put women first in every aspect of our business, whether it’s developing our product or choosing who we partner with.

all women

Women from historically underserved groups are never an afterthought.


We are better together. Our business amplifies female voices and power to drive change at scale.


We are accountable for our words, actions and decisions, and radically transparent in our business.


We build and support proven, safe and verifiable options for increasing financial stability.


What is AskFlossie?

AskFlossie is an online community where women can get real help — from each other and from professional financial planners — to build stronger financial lives for themselves and their families.

Team Flossie believes women are plenty smart enough to close the gender money gap, and are here to make it easier.


Nope. We’re as over it as you are. AskFlossie is here to empower women with community and knowledge. We will recommend low-cost services we use and truly love, and always disclose our relationships with them, but we’re not an investment platform, bank, broker. If you see anything dubious on our forums or site, please tell us.


You can bring any money question to the AskFlossie community. We proactively focus on the hardest money moments: debt, death, divorce, tax season, funemployment. We’re here for the hard stuff and financial crises, so you can turn them into an opportunity to thrive.

Who is flossie?

My Grandma Flossie grew up in extreme poverty. In high school, Flossie left home and got by as a waitress, sleeping in the back room of the restaurant. She put herself through college working as a housekeeper, and had a long career as a teacher. She raised four daughters with her beloved husband Ray, beat cancer twice, and spent 30 years as a widow and social butterfly. She remains an inspiration to her seven grandchildren, and the many, many friends and family she helped along the way. Flossie might have been born poor, but she died financially secure and personally rich.

Flossie finance founder claire hunsaker knit that totally 90's sweater.
Photo by Jacquie Blackman

our founder Claire Hunsaker

Claire is a personal finance expert, businesswoman with 20 years of experience, and the founder of AskFlossie. She is a Certified Financial Educator with an MBA from Stanford, who presents frequently and loves talking money. She is a wife, mom, feminist and ambitious knitter.

AskFlossie is not a person, it’s a Community with a Mission.

About askflossie

AskFlossie is a mission-driven for-profit business. To that end, we are committed to a path to BCorp certification as we grow the business.

Certified B Corporations meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

Along with other businesses in the B Corp community, AskFlossie works to reduce inequality, lower levels of poverty, strengthen communities, and create high quality jobs with dignity and purpose.


Grandma flossie and our founder claire hunsaker
Grandma flossie, snuggling her youngest grandchild
Grandma flossie, rocking it on the porch swing
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